Check Point Security Administration R77.30

Check Point Security Administration R77 provides an understanding of the basic concepts and skills necessary to configure Check Point Security Gateway and Management Software Blades.
During this course you will configure a Security Policy and learn about managing and monitoring a secure network, upgrading and configuring a Security Gateway and implementing a virtual private network.


Duration: 15 Days


Persons attending this course should have a general knowledge of TCP/IP, and working knowledge of Windows, UNIX, network technology and the internet.



Introduction to firewalls 1 Generation and 2nd Gne firewalls

    • Understanding 1 Generation firewalls
    • Understanding 2 Generation firewalls
    • Understanding 2nd Gen Firewalls and futures
    • Understanding UTM firewalls futures


Introduction to Checkpoint Technologies

    • What’s new in checkpoint R77.30
    • Checkpoint’s Architecture
    • Implementing 3 tier Architecture of checkpoint


Deployment Platforms

    • Checkpoint supported platforms
    • Installing Checkpoint on Windows o/s
    • Installing Checkpoint on GAiA
    • Configuring checkpoint in standard setup
    • Configuring checkpoint in a distributed setup


Introduction to Security policy

    • Verify SIC establishment between the Security Management Server and the Gateway using Smart Dashboard
    • Creating a basic Rulebase
    • Implicit rules vs Explicit rules
    • Configuring hide NAT
    • Configuring Static NAT
    • Configuring PAT & Port Redirection


User management & Authentication

    • Configure user & group accounts in checkpoint
    • Configure policies for authentication
    • Local Authentication Methods
    • Configuring user authentication
    • Configuring Session authentication
    • Configuring Client Authentication


UTM Features

    • Configuring Antivirus blade in checkpoint gateway
    • Verifying Antivirus modules
    • Implementing content filtering
    • Configuring cvp & ufp policies
    • Configuring URL filtering
    • Testing URL filtering


Advance UTM Features

    • Java & ActiveX based attacks
    • Implementing Java & ActiveX blocking
    • Configuring Application control
    • Using smart event intro for analyzing application traffic


Checkpoint VPN Introduction

    • Understanding VPN terminology
    • Understanding IKEv2
    • Understanding Phase-1& Phase-2
    • Implementing site-to-site vpn with head office & Branch office



    • Using smart view tracker for Analysing logs
    • Using smartview Monitor for monitoring traffic
    • Using queries in smartview tracker
    • Filtering logs in smartview tracker



    • Monitor remote Gateways using Smart Update
    • Manage New installations
    • license modifications
    • Upgrading Checkpoint  Gw’s & Management server using Smart update