Palo Alto Firewall Training

  • Benefits:
    • Successful completion of this course will enable the student to install, configure, and manage the entire line of Palo Alto Networks™ Next-Generation firewalls.


Delivery:  Online & Classroom

    • Students attending this class will gain an in-depth knowledge of how to install, configure, and manage their firewall, as well as configuration steps for the security, networking, threat prevention, logging, and reporting features of the Palo Alto Networks Operation System (PAN-OS).


Target Audience: 

    • Firewall Administrators, Security Administrators, Security Analysts.



    • Students must have a basic familiarity with networking concepts including routing, switching, and IP addressing.
    • Students should also be familiar with basic port-based security concepts. Experience with other security technologies (IPS, proxy, and content filtering) is a plus.


Course Content

Introduction to firewalls 1 Generation and 2nd Gne firewalls

    • Understanding 1 Generation firewalls
    • Understanding 2 Generation firewalls
    • Understanding 2nd Gne Firewalls and futures
    •  Understanding UTM firewalls futures


Introduction to Paloalto Technologies  :-

    • What’s new in Paloalto 8x
    • Paloalto  Architecture
    • Packet flow


Introduction to Paloalto Hardware

    • Small and SMB Firewalls
    • Medium Hardware Firewalls
    • ISP and Data center firewalls


Deployment Platforms

    • Installing Paloalto Windows o/s
    • Configure Lab Setup
    • Building own Lab


Basic Configurastion :-

    • Management interface
    • Configure DNS,
    • Configuare interfaces & Zones
    • Configure virtual router
    • Configure DHCP


PaloaltoCofigurastin backup:-

    • Exporting Backup and Importing Backup
    • Licence and Next Gen firewall fetures
    • Upgrade firewall


Basic policy creation  Paloalto:-

    • Configure Basic policy
    • Configure policy based on services
    • Configure policy based protocols
    • Configure policy based on applications


Paloalto Nat Configurastion :-

    • Configure Basic policy
    • Source nat
    • Destinastion nat
    • U-turn nat


Paloalto App-id concepts :-

    • Protocols Classificastion
    • Signarure
    • Decryption
    • Decoders
    • Actions
    • App-id Overide


Paloalto SSL decrypstion  :-

    • Create SSL Certificate
    • Export SSl certificate
    • Deploy on Client systems
    • Create Decryption policy
    • Configure SSL Decrypstion exceptions
    • Create LDAP Server profile
    • Create Authication profile
    • User identificastion
    • Enable user-id on zone


Paloalto content Id:-

    • Antivurs security profiles
    • Anti-spyware security profile
    • File blocking profile
    • URL filter profile
    • Data Filter  profile
    • Denial of service protection
    • Wildfire private and public cloud configurastion
    • Attaching security profiles to security policy rules


Paloalto Dynamic Routing Configurastion  :-

    • RIP Configurastion
    • Ospf configurastion
    • BGP Configurastion
    • Redistrubstion


Paloalto ISP Redundancy

    • Configure Dual ISP’S
    • Configure policy based routing


Paloalto High Avaiability

    • Configure Active-Standby
    • Configure Active-Active


Paloalto VPN Configurastion :-

    • IPSEC VPN overview
    • Paloalto to cisco ipsec vpn configurastion
    • Palaolto to paloalto ip sec vpn confiugarstion
    • Palaolto to paloalto ip sec vpn Aggrasive mode confiugarstion
    • Paloalto to cisco ASA vpn configurastion


Paloalto Global Protect  VPN, and Panoroma